Aidite 98x12MM

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3D Pro Zir from Aidite is our premium line of "multilayer" zirconia. In fact, the layers transition so naturally into each other that they are better referred to as gradients. With 1,050 MPa and 57% translucency it satisfies even the highest esthetic needs. 

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HonorZir SHT from Aidite is our mid-line zirconia. It is available in two versions: 1) pre-shaded (>=1,100Mpa), and 2) pre-shaded plus multilayer (>=900Mpa). Both types carry their strength all the way through and combined with their 48% translucency offer excellent esthetics and strength for the money spent.  
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HonorZir SHT

SuperfectZir SHT from Aidite is our economy line zirconia. With up to 1,200 MPa and 43% translucency it is our strongest zirconia. You can chose between pre-shaded and non-shaded (white). The non-shaded material is for self coloring.

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- 3D Pro Zir

- HonorZir SHT-Plus

- SuperfectZir SHT


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