Our mission at Gro3X is to strengthen family businesses. While we are not for every lab or dental practice, we are for those who are concerned about their expenses.

Imagine how much money you lose every year because your lab is not big enough for receiving any major volume discounts. With Gro3X you will reduce your CAD/CAM zirconia milling bur expenses. Any lab can save 10%, and Gro3X Family members save 20%.

If you are open minded about your lab’s savings and growth, then just email a copy of your most recent milling bur supplier invoice to In return we will send you a proposal for the better Gro3X alternative.

No risk involved! If you are not 100% satisfied, you will get your money back. Guaranteed! Even after you already milled hundreds of zirconia units with our Gro3X burs.

At this point, we are accepting only Roland/DGSHAPE users. Hurry, because this offer expires on July 6th!