Aidite 98x22MM

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3D Pro Zir from Aidite is our premium line of multilayer zirconia. With 1,050 MPa and 57% translucency it satisfies even the highest esthetic needs.  
3D Pro Zir

HonorZir SHT from Aidite is our mid-line zirconia. It is available in two versions: 1) pre-shaded, and 2) pre-shaded plus multilayer (up to 98x20 mm discs). With 1,100 MPa and 48% translucency it offers excellent esthetics and strength for the money spent. 

HonorZir SHT

SuperfectZir SHT from Aidite is our economy line zirconia. With up to 1,200 MPa and 43% translucency it is our strongest zirconia. You can chose between pre-shaded and non-shaded (white). The non-shaded material is for self coloring.

IDENTCERAM Certificates Included On Request:

Sintering Instructions:

- 3D Pro Zir

- HonorZir SHT-Plus

- SuperfectZir SHT