Lab DentalCAD

Lab DentalCAD

Regular price $5,995.00

exocad DentalCAD is one of the most powerful and comprehensive laboratory design softwares.

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Software Bundles for Lab DentalCAD


There are two types of licenses available: Perpetual License and Flex License.

Perpetual License

Pros Cons
- License does never expire - more expensive during the first ~5 years
- Cheaper after ~5 years - upgrades have to be purchased individually


Flex License (annual subscription)

Pros Cons
- Cheaper to get started - more expensive after ~5 years
- automatic updates included - license expires after one year if not renewed



License Model Advanced Bundle Implant Bundle Ultimate Bundle
Perpetual (Year One) $5,995 $7,495 $10,995
Perpetual (Upgrades) $1,095 $1,595 $2,495
Flex (Year One) $3,495 $4,195 $5,995
Flex (Annual) $1,695 $2,395 $3,695



Break-Even between Perpetual and Flex licenses is for all three bundles in the ~5th year.