Gro3X Family

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Gro3X Family
Gro3X Family is a membership program for dental labs. It provides access to unique market opportunities that differentiate your lab, reduce your cost, and generate growth.

It's That Simple: Just click on "Join Gro3X Family" and Add To Cart. Then click on "Check Out". Your membership will show as FREE. Now click on Complete Order and you are done.  

Your discounts will automatically activate as soon as your 3-months average purchases from Gro3X reach $500 per month. Your membership remains active for as long as your 3-months average purchase volume does not drop below $500.

Benefits Include:
- 10% discount on all supplies e.g. burs, discs, print resins, etc.
- 10% discount on our Digital Design & Fabrication Service.
- $500 discount on our Asiga MAX and pro3dure curing unit.
- Access to Gro3X Aligners (upon Gro3X Certification).
Access to the Gro3X DI Unit (upon Gro3X Certification).

Partner Benefits Include:
10% discount on training courses from AA Dental Academy.
25% flat fee on collections with Burt & ASSOCIATES.

Our goal for this calendar year is to generate enough donations to provide at least 100,000 Meals. Every $1 donated helps provide at least 10 x Meals. Gro3X donates $1 for every order that we receive. In addition to this we match every donation to this fundraiser (small or big) from our Gro3X Family members, friends, and vendor-partners until we have reached the 100,000 goal. 
Join our campaign and let's end hunger together!