Gro3X Family

Gro3X Family

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Gro3X Family
Why do you find Gro3X Family in the "Be Different" section of our shop?
Most labs and dental offices are small- medium size businesses and therefore don't qualify for major volume discounts from traditional dental resellers. This creates a disadvantage! Our goal at Gro3X is to provide competitive advantages for all our Gro3X Family members. 

Gro3X Family is an annual membership program for dental labs and dental offices. It provides exclusive access to select product and service offerings that reduce expenses, increase profits and generate growth.

The Membership is FREE for start-up labs and dental offices, non-profit institutions, Veteran's Clinics, Military, dental schools, dental technology schools. Just use discount code "startup" during checkout.

Gro3X Benefits Include:

• 10% discount on consumables, e.g. CAD/CAM milling supplies (e.g. burs, discs), 3D-print resins, Asiga build-trays, Ortho-Brackets, etc.
• 10% discount on Gro3X Design & Fabrication service.
Special marketing perks, e.g. One-hour Free Marketing Consultation (value $249) as well as 10% discount on individual marketing consulting services.

Partner Benefits Include:

• 10%
 discount on training courses from AA Dental Academy.

• 25% flat fee on collections with Burt & ASSOCIATES.

• $50/month discount on tfg Loyalty rewards program.

• Continuously further expanding…