6-Months Marketing Subscription

6-Months Marketing Subscription

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This is our 6-Months Marketing Program, a marketing subscription that gives you access to 8 x hours of Gro3X marketing creativity every month, for a total of 6-months. We are a team of marketing experts who will be working with you over a period of six months to help you strategize, optimize and execute your own marketing strategy.

Why we believe this could be great for you!

  • LOW INVESTMENT! It's only $75 per hour with a clear beginning and end. After six months the program automatically ends.
  • HIGH OPPORTUNITY! This can be a major competitive advantage for your lab! How many labs do you know that are working with professional marketing experts? You can only win!
  • NO RISK! You can cancel the program at any time!


Here is how it works:

We invest 2 x hours every week to work on your marketing for a total of 8 x hours per month. These activities might include:

  • We will help and coach you and/or your team to adopt digital marketing strategies for your lab.
  • Marketing concept and strategy optimization.
  • Brand-activites, e.g. logo optimization.
  • Google search optimization.
  • Outreach campaigns to grow your customer base.
  • Call-campaigns, e.g. surveys of your existing customers.
  • Net-promoter score.
  • etc., etc., 

Schedule an Initial Consultation now to discover how Gro3X Marketing can best help your business!

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