Roland DGSHAPE™ Milling

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Gro3X's Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) Diamond coated burs for Zirconia along with our Chromium Nitride (CN) coated burs for PMMA, TriLor, PEEK, and Wax offer highest performance and bur life and are being used in some of the world's largest high-volume production labs. 

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Machine Type: Roland DGSHAPE™ DWX-4/50/51/52

Technical Specification
Dimensions by D1 x L1 x D2 x L3:

  • 0.6 Bur: 0.6x1.8x4x50 mm
  • 1.0 Bur: 1x3x4x50 mm
  • 1.0 EX Bur: 1x7.5x4x50 mm (Extended Reach)
  • 2.0 Bur: 2x6x4x50 mm
  • 2.0 EX Bur: 2x10x4x52 mm (Extended Reach)