Splints & Night-Guards

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THERMEO® by pro3dure
Smart materials, also called intelligent or responsive materials, have one or more properties that can be significantly changed in a controlled manner by external stimuli, such as temperature. The change is also reversible. The high tech polymer of the THERMEO® family are among smart materials that are characterized by a unique thermomemory effect. For the fabrication of nightguards and splints, the complete THERMEO® line can be used to the best advantage. The THERMEO® splint stands out because of its highest wearing comfort and is self adjusting by thermomemory effect. On the basis of its outstanding properties, THERMEO® combines the advantages of hard as well as flexible splint materials.

Used For: Fabrication of dental snap-on splints and night-guards.
Main Features: 
- Biocompatible: Free of MMA and phthalates based plasticizers which is especially advantageous for hypo-allergic patients.
- Patented Thermomemory Effect (US patent: US 10, 623, 874 B2)
Shade: clear
Disc Sizes: 98 x 16 mm, 98 x 20 mm



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POLY SPLINT by Harvest Dental

Poly Splint by Harvest Dental is a Medical Appliance Polymer. The material's unique composition is therapeutic – whether used as a seating template for guided surgery, or for the restoration of patient comfort as a bite splint.

Used For: Surgical guides and bite splint.

Main Features: 
- Restores patient comfort.
- Strong and gentle.

Shade: clear

Disc Sizes: 98 x 16 mm, 98 x 20 mm, 98 x 25 mm


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