Stand-Alone Options

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Stand-Alone DentalDB
Stand-alone DentalDB is the pre-requisite to add and run any stand-alone modules. It is available as Flex License only. It allows for low-cost capture of prescriptions, connection to shared database and/or dentalshare. They can be deployed as native production center (send/receive), scan-and-send, receive-and-CAM, and with stand-alone modules. 

Stand-Alone Modules
To run any stand-alone modules you require the before-mentioned stand-alone DentalDB. And just like stand-alone DentalDB, stand-alone modules are available as Flex license only. You can run multiple stand-alone modules with one DentalDB license. 


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Stand-alone modules do not come with free training, however we recommend you sign-up directly with AA Dental Academy to ensure you get the most out of your stand-alone modules.

The beauty of our 2-Days Hands-On courses is that you can take them either in-person at AA Dental Academy in Murrieta, CA or on-line from the comfort of your lab/home.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Stand-Alone Modules?

Pros Cons
- Low cost entry - DentalDB is without CAD functionality, meaning you can not design e.g. crowns, bridges, etc.  
- Ideal e.g. for CEREC dentists who just would like to do e.g. smile designs.
- DentalDB (without CAD functionality) is upgradeable to DentalCAD (with full CAD functionality)