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THERMEO® by pro3dure
Why do you find THERMEO in the "Be Different" section of our shop?
Most labs and dental offices are offering splints and night guards. Differentiate yourself by also offering THERMEO splints and night guards. THERMEO is truly unique in two aspects:
  1. BIOCOMPATIBILITY! THERMEO is free of MMA and phthalates based plasticizers. It therefore reduces the risk of allergic reactions in patients and even your dental staff when handling the night guards. 

  2. MEMORY EFFECT! All thermoplast materials have a memory effect, but only THERMEO has a patented (US patent: US 10, 623, 874 B2) memory effect. This means that the degree to which THERMEO "remembers" its original shape is much higher than that of other thermoplastic materials. It therefore combines the advantages of hard and flexible splint materials which leads to better patient comfort.   
Each disc is accompanied with 5 x post-cards that you can use to inform your dentists about the features & benefits of THERMEO.
For more you can also download the file to print your own.


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