ULTIMATE Perpetual Trade-Up Offer

Regular price $6,000.00

Special Limited-Time Offer!

Any customer with a perpetual dongle activated before August 31, 2023, can now switch to the Ultimate Bundle for a one-time fixed fee. No matter how old the software licenses are or how many modules are activated – all can now be upgraded at an attractive price.

Customers with old software licenses receive:

  • An upgrade to the current software version DentalCAD® 3.1 Rijeka
  • A license equipped with all Ultimate Bundle DentalCAD modules
  • A one-year upgrade contract

The promotion is valid from October 16 to December 31, 2023.
The recommended retail price is $6,0001. This offer includes
a fresh upgrade contract with a one-year term1,2.

1 General terms and conditions apply
2 The refresh fee is not applicable for this offer. Previous active upgrade contract
is replaced with new one-year contract starting the day of ultimate trade-up activation.


exocad DentalCAD is one of the most powerful and comprehensive laboratory design softwares.

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DentalCAD Core Version
DentalCAD Core Version comes with the "core" CAD design modes (see below) as well as open tooth and material libraries. It can be further complemented with any available stand-alone modules.

DentalCAD Core Version

DentalCAD Ultimate Bundle
The Ultimate bundle contains the DentalCAD Core Version plus ALL CAD modules and one highly discounted price (compared to purchasing the included software modules individually).



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Implant Module



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