AIDITE Sintering Furnace

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Aidite AGT-L Fast Sintering Furnace

The Aidite AGT-L Fast Sintering Furnace is a high-performance, high-quality zirconia sintering furnace. It is equipped with high purity silicon heating elements to prevent any contamination of the zirconia.

The easy-to-use control display allows for programming of up to 20 cycles of either fast or regular sintering curves.

The furnace is covered by a 14 months warranty on integrated furnace chamber and thermocouple. One of the unique features of this furnace is that it includes an additional set of heating element, to set you up worry free!

- Capacity is approx. 70 units.
- Fast sintering cycle of 3.5 hours. 
- Max. firing temperature: 1,600°C
- Includes 2 x sintering crucibles and 2 x 500g bottles of sintering beads.
- Includes additional FREE set of heating elements
- Free shipping

AGT-L Specs

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