GR-22 flex

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Tough & Elastic

pro3dure´s printodent® GR-22 flex is a BIOCOMPATIBLE 3D print resin for splints and night-guards. Its high impact resistance and elongation at break distinctively sets it apart from other print materials in its category.

- high elongation at break
- good mechanical properties
- highest wearing comfort (usability studies pro3dure)
- lowest solubility / high biocompatibility
- thermo effect
- highest impact resistance in its class

Used For: Splints
Color: Clear-Transparent
Validated For: ASIGA MAX, ASIGA Pro 4K, SprintRay Pro 95, etc CLICK FOR COMPLETE LIST!
Main Feature:
 Tough & elastic

GR-22 flex is approved by FDA and Health Canada.


Print Profiles for Asiga MAX & PRO 4K:


Profile for SprintRay Pro 95:

GR-22 flex



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