About Gro3X

Gro3X, Inc. was founded in 2019 by Norbert Ulmer, MBA, MA. The company is located in Charlotte, NC.

We are new, ambitious and disruptive. We are not a marketing agency, nor a dental dealer. We are not a consulting firm, nor a purchasing group, nor any other of these classical categories that exist.

While we carry some elements of our industry predecessors, we like to think of ourselves as your creative & agile partner for growth. Our goal is to design memorable experiences that create opportunities, cost-savings, and competitive advantages for dental labs and dental offices.

Many established dental companies focus on structure, processes, and profit maximization. Gro3X focuses on people, passion, and purpose maximization.

We provide a variety of digital workflow solutions to empower and support our clients and Gro3X Family members. While workflows are what we provide, engaging with people is what we do! 

Our core offerings are digital workflow Supplies, Design & Fabrication Service, Aligners, and our Gro3X Digital Impression Unit. 


About Norbert

During his ~30 years in the dental industry Norbert has worked for KaVo, Sirona, DentaTrust, and Dentsply Sirona. He worked as a territory sales rep in the United Kingdom, Area Sales Manager for Southeast Asia, CEREC Product Manager for Italy, and started Sirona's lab business. In 2001 he transitioned from Sirona in Bensheim, Germany to Sirona USA in Charlotte, NC.

Norbert was instrumental in the development of CEREC inLab, inEos, infiniDent outsourcing service, and CEREC Connect digital impression service. He also co-founded DentaTrust, LLC in 2009, the world's first dental lab focusing entirely on digital impression dentistry. After Sirona's merger with Dentsply, Norbert was Director of Marketing for Dentsply Sirona's entire US lab business.

Norbert holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Marketing from Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University, an MBA in General Management with a specialization in China studies from The Berlin School of Economics & Law, a Master of Arts in Philosophy, Politics, and Economics from Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich as well as a Certificate in Behavioral Economics from Yale School of Management in New Haven, CT.

He was also featured in JDT's Who's Hot in 2019