GR-16 Xray

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GR-16 Xray is a 3D printing resin from pro3dure medical. It’s is indicated for the fabrication of radiopaque objects, e.g. scanning appliances. GR-16 Xray is based on a proprietary stabilization technology developed by pro3dure for filled materials and a suitable selection of radiopaque additives.

Used For: Radiopaque Scanning Appliance
Color: White Opaque
Validated For: ASIGA MAX, ASIGA Pro 4K, SprintRay Pro 95, etc CLICK FOR COMPLETE LIST!
Main Feature:

GR-16 Xray  is approved by FDA and Health Canada.


Print Profiles for Asiga MAX & PRO 4K:


Light Curing Settings for GR-16 Xray

Asiga Flash Otoflash G171 pro3dure CD-2
n/a 2 x 750* 4 min**
* With UV-B filter type 360N2 (transparent 360-700 nm) - Flashes (after half the exposure, please turn the parts.)
** For all parameters, 10 seconds “Pregas Time” and 10 seconds “Gas (irradiation)” as well as Ramp = 0 apply.

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