Aizir Trade-In Promotion



Got any unwanted, unused zirconia discs? Maybe they’re the wrong shade, lack the right translucency or strength, or just not your preferred brand. Now’s your chance to turn that clutter into quality zirconia!
The Deal:
🚀 Buy Aidite Aizir Discs: Purchase any amount.
🚀 Trade-In: For every 2 Aizir discs bought trade in 1 unused, non-Aidite 98 mm disc. E.g., Buy 4 Aizir discs, trade in 2 old ones (more examples: Buy 10, trade 5. Buy 20, trade 10. Buy 100, trade 50.).

🚀 Requirements: Unused, non-Aidite brand 98mm discs.
🚀 Limitations: One order per customer, no puck limit.
🚀 Replacement: Send your old discs to Gro3X. Choose new shades of Aizir discs. Replacements will be of matching disc sizes.
🚀 PROMO EXPIRES: June 30th, 2024.

It’s almost like the old days of refining scrap gold. Refresh your stock now!

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