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Carbon Neutral Shipping

by Norbert Ulmer - Oct. 6th, 2023

At the intersection of dentistry and environmental sustainability, Gro3X stands tall. The team at Gro3X recognizes the carbon impact of our modern way of life, where many purchases nowadays require shipping. Gro3X therefore committed last year to support companies, that are spearheading climate solutions to neutralize carbon emissions that are directly related to order shipments. In other words: Every time a Gro3X customer places an order with Gro3X, Gro3X funds Shopify's Sustainability Fund to support entrepreneurs at the frontier of reversing climate change. The size of donations per order varies based on weight, size, and especially distance.

The Impact: In one year, Gro3X championed the removal of an impressive 12,403 lbs. (5,626 kg) of shipping emissions.

Let's try to visualize this by the following two examples:

a) Carbon Removal by Trees: Imagine a lush forest of about 90-100 mature trees. Such a forest can absorb a vast amount of CO2 annually. The emissions Gro3X has helped counteract equate to the yearly work of this entire forest.

b) Journeys Avoided: Imagine not flying from New York to London around 13 times. The carbon emissions saved from those flights would roughly equate to the 12,403 lbs. (5,626 kg) of CO2e (assuming an average emission of around 430 kg CO2e for a one-way flight per passenger).

Gro3X’s initiative underscores a vital message: Every profession, including that of dental supply companies, can and should play a role in battling climate change.

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