Exercise #2

Define & Create a "Value Proposition" for Your Lab!

Open your ChatGPT and follow the prompt sequence below:

Prompt #1: What is a company?
ChatGPT: Answer xyz


Prompt #2: What is the existential pre-condition for any company to survive?
ChatGPT: Answer xyz (since we focus primarily on marketing in this course, pick the most suitable marketing aspect from the answer to continue)


Prompt #3: How can I determine the [insert chosen "aspect" from answer to prompt #2] of my company?
ChatGPT: Answer xyz (pick the aspect that most interests you for further investigation)


Prompt #4: Are there any specific formulas that can help me determine, condense, and sharpen the message for the value proposition of my company?
ChatGPT: Various formulas were given. I picked the one that interested me the most and asked for a generalization of that formula.


Prompt #5: Please generalize the value proposition formula into one sentence using “X”, “Y”, “Z”, and “M”.
ChatGPT: “For target customer X, who needs Y, our product/service Z provides M, setting us apart from competitors.


Prompt #6: Please ask me a series of questions to determine my company’s value proposition’s X, Y, Z, and M. Please ask one question at a time. Wait for my answer before asking the next question.
ChatGPT: Asked four questions and then proposed my value proposition.


Prompt #7: Please provide three variations to this value proposition.
ChatGPT: Selected the variation that you feel is most suitable and helpful.