Exercise #4.1:

Alternatively to Logo Creations in Exercise $4, there are also Custom GPTs:


Go to your ChatGPT sidebar and click on "Explore GPTs" or click here!

Enter "Logo Creator" in "Search for Custom GPTs" and select any of them. 

The following proposals are a first draft from Logo Creator, using the same PROMPT (see below) as in Exercise #4!

Logo Creator

    Please design a logo for a dental laboratory named [ABC Dental Lab]. The logo should embody the essence of a [e.g. family-owned company as an innovative contributor to the success of dentists]. The lab has been [providing high-quality dental prosthetics since 1978 and is now moving into the third generation].

    Incorporate elements that reflect [progress and high-tech, powered by the latest CAD/CAM technology]. The design should describe solidity, reliability, and trust]. It should be appealing to [dental professionals, e.g. dentists and dental assistants]. Please create in one single color similar to a pencil sketch. The logo must be versatile, suitable for use on websites and in print. It should communicate the idea of the dentist and technician team brought together by technology.