ZRS Tooth Library

The ZRS Tooth Library is based on the “Anteriores” collection by Dr. Jan Hajtó.

exocad DentalCAD comes by default with two ZRS sets. The complete module can be easily added and there is no additional charge with the Ultimate bundle.


You can easily and individually make adjustments to all predefined teeth for maximum flexibility.



ZRS-Library Consist Of:

  • 61 sets of upper arch anterior teeth
  • 19 sets of lower jaw anterior teeth
  • 19 sets of upper arch posteriors
  • 19 sets of lower jaw posteriors


For more info on this module from Dr. Jan Hajtó

For more info on this module from exocad CLICK HERE!


Download ZRS Add-On Module To DentalCAD Ultimate:

  1. Open a CAD window, then
  2. Look on the right side of the screen to go to Tools>About
  3. After the screen loads click the "Check for Updates" button (sometimes you might have to check 2-3 times for the process to trigger).
  4. A message should appear prompting to download the library files.

Below is a screenshot of the message that should appear after clicking "Check for Updates":