Instrum Composite

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Instruments for Composite

Build with natural hair.
Tattoo internal colors.
Create occlusal structure.


Composite Instrument

The thoughtfully composed instrument for owning a creation with composites starts with the vision and collaboration with MDT Nena von Hajmasy, and ends with the following:

A Natural Hair mix for nature-like build-up. A Precision Point to create structure, and tattoo internal color effects. A Ball Point to mimic gingiva and create occlusal structure.



Magnetic Tip Interchange

Instrum Composite replaceable tip interchange system was thoroughly addressed with a seamless connection, utilizing the magic of magnetic force for easy and secure switch-out.


Comfortable Handle

Smooth curvature leading to an angled shape characterize the distinct ergonomy of Hpdent handle design – precision machined in space age anodized aluminum and fitted with a green hpdent button.

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