AIDITE Porcelain Furnace

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Aidite Cameo CFP-200 Porcelain Furnace

A new generation of intelligent, high-tech porcelain furnace with stable vacuum heating and intelligent temperature control technology. It’s ultra-muffle sealing and quartz tube cover heating unit enhances the temperature regulation. The 30% controlled heat acceleration process protects the heating unit from aging and ensures a prolonged clean muffle chamber. The second stage program is ideal for modern ceramics which meet specific requirements. The temperature control has an accuracy of +/- 1 °C/F with it’s first cycle. Accurate time feedback by AI temperature control is displayed in all 3 stages of the heating process. Automatic pre-dry, furnace closing, heat dissipation and adjustable temperature cooling are some of the features of this furnace. The CFP-200 brings a more personalized experience and significantly improves ceramic firing results.  


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