Harvest Speed Polish®

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Polishes in Seconds  


The role of a brand is to provide focus, meaning, coherence and shape.  For this reason, Harvest Dental has refined the details of what luster, speed and value feel like, creating a new class in polishing paste behavior for zirconium and lithium disilicate restorations. 

Speed, as in a high surface polish in seconds.  Esthetics, as in the likeness of human enamel, and clean, as in water soluble. All accomplished by creating the perfect balance of abrasion materials delivered in a premium, dust-free binder made of natural ingredients.  

Speed Polish - produced for you in-house, from scratch, and in small batches by Harvest Dental - with love of course. 

Polish ZrO2, LiSi2®, and IPS emax® in seconds.
Dust-free pickup.
Made from scratch in small batches.

*Recommended: #9 std stiff Abbott Robinson bristle brush

Package Content:
-Speed Polish®, 27gm 


All deliveries are carbon neutral
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