Wagner GoldenBerry® Fine, High Shine

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Super Fine, Diamond Infused. Places a fast super high shine on zirconia or lithium disilicate restorations.

UltraBerry®, RedBerry®, BlueBerry®, and GoldenBerry® instruments were specifically developed for use with zirconia and lithium disilicate restorative materials. They are infused with a high concentration of uniquely shaped diamond particles that allows for more effective contouring and shaping of these materials. The "Berrys" reduce heat transfer, prevent microscopic surface scratches, and leave a smooth surface during the contouring process. This smooth surface eliminates the capillary effect that causes stains to be drawn to unwanted areas; that's industry unique, and we are certain you have never experienced diamond instruments that perform like our "Berrys."

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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