pro3dure CL-1 Cleaning Liquid

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CL-1 Cleaning Liquid has been specially formulated for the workflow in a modern, digital dental lab. It replaces Isopropyl Alcohol, improves the cleaning process of your 3D printed dental objects, and can be used with any of your existing ultrasonic cleaners. It’s active ingredient “Butyldiglykol” has very powerful cleaning properties and is up to 5 times more efficient than traditionally used Isopropyl Alcohol. Therefore, a 1 Liter bottle of CL-1 is pretty much the equivalent of a 1 Gallon bottle (and more) of Isopropyl Alcohol. Last but not least, you can finally get rid of the uncomfortable alcohol smell during cleaning as CL-1 Cleaning Liquid is almost odorless.

Used For: Cleaning excess resin from 3D printed dental objects
Suitable For: Any ultrasonic system
Main Features:
1) Highly efficient (up to 5 times more than isopropyl alcohol)

2) Highly filtrable.
3) No smell.


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