GR-13 model

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GR-13 model resins are premium 3D printing resin for the additive fabrication of restorative and orthodontic dental models. They are characterized by their high dimensional stability, easy handling and visual appeal and allow for great visualization of margin details, etc.

Printers:  Suitable for printers with a wavelength of ≤ 405 nm. Specifically validated for ASIGA MAX, ASIGA Pro 4K, SprintRay Pro 95, MiiCraft Prime, etc CLICK FOR COMPLETE LIST!



Print Profiles for Asiga MAX & PRO 4K:

Light Curing Settings for GR-13 model

Asiga Flash Otoflash G171 pro3dure CD-2
2 x 10 min 2 x 750* 4 min**
* With UV-B filter type 360N2 (transparent 360-700 nm) - Flashes (after half the exposure, please turn the parts.)
** For all parameters, 10 seconds “Pregas Time” and 10 seconds “Gas (irradiation)” as well as Ramp = 0 apply.

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