Gro3X Aligners

Gro3X Aligners are for dental labs who want to broaden their offering for their dentist clients. The cases can range from just a few moves that may only take weeks, to very comprehensive treatment plans that might take several months and more.

Why Gro3X Aligners?

  • Gro3X Aligners are backed by over 30 years of experience from designing and manufacturing orthodontic brackets.
  • Our Gro3X Aligners treatment-planning team is supervised by an orthodontist.
  • Gro3X Aligners are "Made in USA", here in North Carolina.
  • Gro3X Aligners are FDA compliant.


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Treatable Cases:

Closing Diastema/Aligning Arches

Crowding and extrusion

Pre-Op, e.g. For Implants
Pre-op treatment 




The Gro3X Clear Aligners are compatible with STL files originating e.g. from Primescan™, iTero™, Trios™, Medit™, Gro3X Digital Impression Unit, etc. You can also simply send a traditional impression for your lab to scan.

Below is an Example for a Treatment Plan Visualization. It is interactive and dynamic, so feel free to play with it:

The patient was complaining about crowded lower anterior teeth.


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  • I am a patient and want to find a Gro3X Aligner provider. Where do I go? Please contact any of the Gro3X Aligner Certified Labs who can direct you to a dentist close to your home-town.
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  • I am a lab and would like to start offering Gro3X Aligners to my dentists. Please click here to create and account.
  • What is the turnaround time? 3 business days for treatment plans, and 10 business days for fabrication & shipping.
  • What is the trim line? Scalloped to the front. Premolar to molar straight. If you want something else, just put it in the notes. 
  • Do you also offer retainers? Yes!


Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)