Gro3X Aligners

Gro3X Aligners provide you with a “hands-off”, digital workflow that keeps you informed and in control at every step of the way.



Gro3X Aligners are:
- Treatment planned under the supervision of an orthodontist.
- Powered by over 30 years of expertise from the esthetic orthodontic bracket industry..
- FDA compliant.

Gro3X Clear Aligners are fabricated in North Carolina using Dentsply Sirona's Essix® ACE (same as SureSmile®*) and/or Zendura® FLX (see ClearCorrect®**).

The Gro3X Clear Aligners are compatible with STL files originating e.g. from Primescan™, iTero™, Trios™, Medit™, Gro3X Digital Impression Unit, etc. You can also simply send a traditional impression for your lab to scan.

Example For Treatment Plan Visualization:

Patient was complaining about crowded lower anterior teeth.

Trusted & Proven

Gro3X Aligners come in two types of material:
1) Essix® ACE, which is also used, e.g. by SureSmile® from Dentsply Sirona®, and
2) Zendura® FLX, see e.g. ClearCorrect® from Straumann®.

For more about Essix® go to

For more about Zendura® go to

Gro3X Aligners can be a very attractive alternative or complement to your existing clear aligner offering.

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- Essix MSDS
- Zendura MSDS 


- What is the turnaround time? 3 business days for treatment plan, and 10 business days for fabrication & shipping.

- I'm a dentist and want to work with my Gro3X Family lab. Do I have my own account? Yes! Your Gro3X Family lab will set up an account for you from where you can upload your cases, review your treatment plans, communicate with our designers and approve your cases directly.

- What is the trim line? Scalloped to the front. Premolar to molar straight. If you want something else, just put it in the notes. 

* SureSmile® is a registered trademark of Dentsply Sirona, Inc.
** ClearCorrect® is a registered trademark of Straumann, Inc.