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Gro3X Clear Aligners 

Gro3X Clear Aligners are exclusively for Gro3X Certified Labs to be offered to their dentists.

The Gro3X Clear Aligners are compatible with STL files originating e.g. from Primescan™, iTero™, Trios™, Medit™, Gro3X Digital Impression Unit, etc.

Our goal with this offering is to expand the product and service offering that Gro3X Family labs can provide to their dentists.


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Trusted & Proven Materials

The materials used for Gro3X Aligners are Essix® ACE, which is also used, e.g. by SureSmile® from Dentsply Sirona®, and Zendura® FLX, which inspired e.g. ClearCorrect® from Straumann®.

Zendura™ was developed for the specific needs of a major U.S. clear aligner treatment company in 1999 and introduced as a product in 2005. Since then, approx. Two Million Zendura™ aligners have been produced.

Zendura FLX combines superior stress retention, clarity, and patient comfort through its unique 3-layer construction.

An inner shell firmly grips the teeth and an outer shell provides a tough barrier against bruxing or grinding from the opposing dental arch. A third, central layer provides elastic rebound.

What's more? Zendura™ is completely BPA and phthalate free!


Lower Initial Forces and Higher Forces Over Time

Zendura FLX Forces

The center-layer construction of Zendura FLX has been specifically designed to generate LOWER force on initial insertion, yet have elastic recovery to provide GREATER tooth-moving forces over time than possible with standard/commodity thermoplastic materials.

The idea of Zendura FLX is to have happier patients, with an increased success rate in tracking actual tooth movement to the prescribed treatment plan.

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- What is the turnaround time? 3 business days for treatment plan, and 10 business days for fabrication & shipping.

- I'm a dentist and want to work with my Gro3X Family lab. Do I have my own account? Yes! Your Gro3X Family lab will set up an account for you from where you can upload your cases, review your treatment plans, communicate with our designers and approve your cases directly.

- What is the trim line? Scalloped to the front. Premolar to molar straight. If you want something else, just put it in the notes.