Design Service

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We offer CAD/CAM design services for Dentsply Sirona's Lucitone digital dentures with 3D IPN teeth. You can either fabricate them in your own Carbon3D printer using Lucitone Print, or with your milling machine using Lucitone 199 discs.

CAD/CAM Designs:

 Service (24 hrs) Price*
Denture (per arch) $44.95
* Gro3X Family members receive a 10% discount.


  1. Upload STL scan file via Gro3X portal.
  2. Expect 24 hours turnaround.
  3. Receive:
    - 1 x .STL file of denture base. 
    - 1 x .STL file of try-in.


      • .STL file exported e.g. from inLab, 3Shape, Exocad or any other dental software.
      • Credit card on file.
      • We run credit card weekly on Fridays.