Design & Fabrication Service

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We offer a range of Digital Design and Fabrication Services  e.g. Dentsply Sirona™ Digital dentures fabricated with Carbon DLS™ printing technology, Radiopaque Scanning Appliances fabricated with pro3dure medical's GR-16 Xray resin, Splints/Night Guards, and Implant Bars.

Design Service

 Services Price/Arch
Design Denture (from uploaded scan file) $44.95
Fabricate Denture (from uploaded design file) $159.95*
Fabricate Radiopaque Scanning Appliance (from uploaded design file) $94.95*
Fabricate THERMEO Splint/Nightguard (from uploaded design file). $159.95*
Fabricate Harvest Dental TriLor Implant Bar $695.00*
Fabricate JUVORA PEEK Implant Bar $695.00*

Turnaround times: 24 hrs for Designs and 5 days (includes shipping) for fabrication of dentures. 

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* includes Ground-Shipping

How it works!

  • Upload STL scan file, e.g. e.g. from inLab, 3Shape, Exocad, etc.
  • Receive:
    - 1 x .STL-file of denture base.
    - 1 x .STL-file of teeth.
    - 1 x .STL-file of try-in.
  • Requires credit card on file.
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