Exercise #4:

Logo Concept Creation with ChatGPT:

  1. Let's go back to Exercise #1 and pick the name that you settled on.
  2. Open ChatGPT. Make sure your Canva plugin is installed and checked.
  3. Customize the prompt below to fit your needs:

Please design a logo for a dental laboratory named [ABC Dental Lab]. The logo should embody the essence of a [e.g. family-owned company as an innovative contributor to the success of dentists]. The lab has been [providing high-quality dental prosthetics since 1978 and is now moving into the third generation].

Incorporate elements that reflect [progress and high-tech, powered by the latest CAD/CAM technology]. The design should describe solidity, reliability, and trust]. It should be appealing to [dental professionals, e.g. dentists and dental assistants]. Please create in one single color similar to a pencil sketch. The logo must be versatile, suitable for use on websites and in print. It should communicate the idea of the dentist and technician team brought together by technology.

Example lab name: Full Smile Innovations:

Logo-1    Logo-1 


Same prompt used with Midjourney:



Alternatively, you can also use the custom GPT "Logo Creator" in ChatGPT!