Exercise #5

Bringing It All Together!



  1. Let's go back to our WebPilot chat in ChatGPT and copy the summary about TrueDent.
  2. Open new chat ChatGPT. Make sure the plugin "Video AI by Invideo" is checked and "CapCut" is unchecked. 
  3. Prompt: Please create a video about the following text [paste the copied TrueDent summary].
  4. When video has been generated, modify as desired, e.g. request to remove background music, or that the video should not exceed 2 minutes, request different voice, aspect ratio, etc. You can also go in and edit the text manually, e.g. remove or add as you please.
  5. When done, export video!
  6. Import video into video editing software to replace footage with either stock or proprietary footage.
  7. In our exercise we want to get some TrueDent footage from YouTube:
    Explaining PolyJet 3D Printing of TrueDent Dentures on the J5 DentaJet (youtube.com)
    Alternatively, you can use some screen capture technique, e.g. Loom, etc...
  8. Go to www.opus.pro and enter the YouTube URL.
  9. Adjust initial parameters and click "Get Clips".
  10. Once clip(s) have been generated edit clip., e.g. select landscape, unselect captions, etc.
  11. Click SAVE, and the EXPORT!
  12. Go to your video editing software and import video clip. Now combine video clip with video from Invideo.
  13. Export video and then import video into Opus.pro
  14. Follow steps 9, 10, and 11.
  15. DONE!!!