Free Tools

Below is a list of marketing tools & resources: Most of them we have tested or are using ourselves: 

  • - We used Fiverr to create our Gro3X logos. It is a Freelance service for your business, e.g. for logo creation, flyer-creation, web-site design, etc.

Gro3X b/w wide  Gro3X  Gro3X bw  Gro3X for dark  Gro3X square for dark

  • - printing services, e.g. for postcards, stickers, etc.
  • HubSpot CRM: A gazillion of free contact, marketing and engagement tools. We use it every day!
  • Design anything: Canva is a free graphic design platform, used to create social media graphics, presentations, posters, documents and other visual content.
  • Video Captions: Headliner allows you to upload your video and it will caption the video for you.
  • is a free & effective custom URL shortener.
  • QR-Code Generator: Create your free QR code.
  • Online Form Builder: Easy-to-use online form builder to create online forms and publish them. Get an email for each response. Collect data.
  • GoogleMeet Video calls.


  • Google Digital Garage: Google Digital Garage offers free online introductory courses for everyone and anyone to learn about the fundamentals of online marketing.
  • Vimeo Video SchoolMake better videos with tips from the Vimeo team, industry leaders, and friendly faces from the community.
  • Podcast: Behavioral Economics podcasts from The Brainy Business.
  • Gro3X Gem Talks REVISITED - Recordings from 2021 event.


  • Student Marketing Agency: Hiring a marketing student enables a student to continue to practice the craft for which they studied, and also enables small businesses to reduce their marketing costs. It is win-win for everyone.
  • Hire a Freelancer: Fiverr Freelance services for the lean entrepreneur.


Market Research:



We The 15 - From the 2021 Toky Paralympics



What is Behavioral Economics?

Daniel Kahneman on: The Experiencing Self vs. The Remembering Self


Prospect Theory


We believe in COOPERATION.  (Game-Theory / Prisoner's Dilemma) 




Book Review of Constant Change by Jim Glidewell: 

Book Review: The Entrepreneurial-Myth by Michael Gerber:


The Peak-End Rule