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Courtyard Charlotte Fort Mill
1385 Broadcloth Street
Fort Mill, SC 29715
phone: 844-205-7427
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Pre-Summit - Thursday, September 28th

2-5 pm Aidite Biomic Stain & Glaze with Duff Wilson (Ballroom).
2-5 pm Pick-up of name-badges (registration desk in front of ball-room.
2-5 pm exhibitor set-up (atrium outside of ballroom).


Summit Day 1 - Friday, September 29th

7:30-8:30 am Pick-up of name-badges (registration desk in front of ball-room. 

Time Topic Speaker Description
8:30-8:45am Welcome Norbert Ulmer, Gro3X Overview of events and activities for Gro3X Summit.
8:45-9:20am DS Core - Connecting to the Digital Universe. Frankie Acosta, AA Dental Academy Frankie will go over DS Core as the center hub and how it interphases with his digital workflows.
9:25-10:00am A Digital Future: Adapt, Adopt, Advance. Jim McGuire, VITA North America In 2022, over half the labs reported an uptick of receiving digital impressions. The market continues to shift and so do we to take advantage of new technologies and supportive streamlined materials.
10:00-10:30am Break
10:30-11:00am exocad News Jacob Epelbaum, exocad America An update from exocad. Jacob will talk about the new exocad partial module, C&B, and exoplan news. In a nutshell, it is getting geeky! :)
11:00-11:30am Digital Dentures - Catering to patient needs in a rural community. Anne Koelzer, AMK Dental Lab Anne's passion and focus is catering to patient needs in a rural community. As such, digital dentures have become a major part of Anne’s work. She will share with us her journey with digital dentures and especially in conjunction with Asiga printers and pro3dure medical printodent resins.
11:30-12:15pm TrueDent Digital Solutions Judy Thomas, Robert Kreyer, Stratasys Digital dentistry has changed how we define and evaluate the fit and function of complete dentures. Learn how TrueDent's high-dimensional data provides a high-fidelity fit and functional monolithic polychromatic complete denture.
12:15-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-1:40pm Event notes Norbert Ulmer, Gro3X Some updates for the event.
1:40-1:45pm A word from our Silver Sponsor Dentsply Sirona
1:45-2:45pm 3D Printed Permanent Restorations. Dr.  Russell Giordano II, Boston University Henry M. Goldman School of Dental Medicine The definition of a ceramic has been redefined by the ADA to include printed materials with predominantly a ceramic or glass filler, interest in using these materials for permanent crowns has skyrocketed. This presentation will critically evaluate these new materials and applications relative to current milled alternatives and historical data on composite resin crown materials.
2:50-3:20pm Grow your lab and help your docs with confiSmile. Norbert Ulmer, Gro3X An introduction into confiSmile retainers, aligners, and bleach pens.
3:20-3:50pm Break
3:50-5:10pm From Dynamics To Esthetics. Dr. Javier Vasquez,  Oral Design Miami, and Miami Natural Smiles.  Accompany Dr. Vasquez on a journey of occlusion and jaw-tracking. The incorporation of movement information into designs which then lead to beautiful restorations. He will feature a variety of cases including and touch on some highlights made with VITA TriLuxe Forte, Aidite zirconia, and Aidite Biomic stain & glaze.
5:30-9:00pm VIP Networking Reception Aidite North America Corkscrew Wine Bar Kingsley 



Summit Day 2 - Saturday, September 30th 

Time Topic Speaker Description
8:30-8:45am Kick-off Day 2 Norbert Ulmer, Gro3X Overview
8:45-9:25am The Power of Digital Workflows. Frankie Acosta, AA Dental Design, Inc. Frankie's specialty is the digital workflow! In his presentation Frankie will introduce us to a variety of digital workflows from impression, through portals, various design softwares, equipment, materials,... Frankie is always trying to make things better! As such, he will show us how he combines the digital solutions from a variety of companies to complement each other and to create synergies.
9:30-10:10am inLab and exocad in concert. Tammy Hood, Owner of Prestige Dental Lab in Conroe, TX. I love inLab... and, I couldn't live without exocad anymore! My first year with exocad and how it complements my inLab design software!
10:10-10:45am Break
10:45-11:25am Digital Design Service Dr. Daslav Ilic Daslav is the co-founder of SOi Digital, located in Miami, FL and Santiago de Chile, Chile. SOi Digital is the engine behind the Gro3X Design Service and brings both clinical and technical expertise to our designs.
11:30-12:15pm Optimal solutions for Veneers.  Duff Wilson, Aidite North America Duff Wilson (Wilson Dental Lab and Aidite North America) will educate attendees on creating the optimal veneers utilizing exocad, Aidite Zirconia, Aidite Stain and Glaze complete with bonding techniques. Duff will demonstrate case entry, exocad veneer workflow and export, utilizing Aidite zirconia as veneering material with the Aidite Stain and Glaze kits.
12:15-1:30pm Lunch
1:30-1:45pm Final Stretch Norbert Ulmer, Gro3X
1:45-2:45pm The Power of SmileCreator. Millie Acosta, Lead Designer at AA Dental Design, Inc. Learn how to integrate exocad SmileCreator with your intraoral scanner system, e.g. Dentsply Sirona® Primescan™. Create beautiful smiles from two-dimensional to three-dimensional designs in one seamless workflow. Output your designs as a mock-up, “egg-shells”, models, and different production files.
2:50-3:40pm Elevating Implant Surgery through Revolutionary Digital Workflows: Harnessing the Power of ExoPlan for Precision Guided Procedures. Dr. Daniel Vasquez Discover the forefront of implant surgery evolution with our groundbreaking lecture. Delve into advanced digital workflows that are reshaping the field, powered by the cutting-edge ExoPlan platform. Through meticulous design and pinpoint-accurate timed surgical guides, witness a new era in implant surgery unfold. In collaboration with Uris Implant Systems and TruAbutment, this lecture empowers you to achieve unparalleled accuracy in implant placement. Seamlessly integrating technology and technique, you'll gain the expertise to navigate the intricacies of precise implant positioning, while simultaneously streamlining the restorative process.
3:40-4:00pm Q&A and Closing Remarks Norbert Ulmer, Gro3X


 Thanks to all our speakers and corporate sponsors!

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