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Post Curing Material Settings 

  pro3dure CD-2 Otoflash G171 ASIGA Flash
GR-10 guide 4 min* 2 x 750** n/a
GR-11 tray 4 min* 2 x 750** n/a
GR-12 cast 4 min* 2 x 750** 2 x 25 min
GR-13 model 4 min* 2 x 750** 2 x 10  min
GR-15 gingiva 4 min* 2 x 1,250** 2 x 5 min
GR-16 Xray 4 min* 2 x 750** n/a
GR-17.1 temp It 10 min* 2 x 2,500** n/a
GR-18.1 IB 10 min* 2 x 1,250** n/a
GR-19 OA 4 min* 2 x 750** n/a
GR-20 MJF 4 min* 2 x 750** n/a
GR-22 flex 2 x 1,500 n/a

* For all parameters, 10 seconds “Pregas Time” and 10 seconds “Gas (irradiation)” as well as Ramp = 0 apply.
** With UV-B filter type 360N2 (transparent 360-700 nm) - Flashes (after half the exposure, please turn the parts.)


CD-2 Curing Unit

Connection & Nitrogen Gas (not included, purchase separately):

  • Click here for 1/4 in. O.D. x 0.170 in. I.D. x 25 ft. Natural Polyethylene Tubing.
  • Click here for 1/4 in. I.D. x 7/16 in. O.D. x 10 ft. Clear Braided Vinyl Tubing.
  • Click here for 1/4 in. - 5/8 in. Stainless Steel Hose Clamps (10-Pack)
  • Click here for a popular source to buy Nitrogen Gas.





Cleaning and Care:
Rinse your splint with warm water after wearing it and clean all surfaces with a soft toothbrush. To get rid of deposits and to avoid bad smell and taste (refreshing the splint), cleaning with a professional non-alcoholic cleaning agent, e.g. Denture Cleanser by CVS Pharmacy Inc. or Citrus II by Beaumont Products Inc. is recommended once a week or as required.

Avoid the following cleaning agents:
- toothpaste
- alcohol-based detergents or mouthwashes
- abrasives or general household cleaners
- hot water (> 140 °F) or ultrasonic cleaning devices


Q: Can splints that are fabricated from THERMEO be autoclaved?
A: No!. THERMEO should not be exposed to temperatures above 140° F / 60° C.


GR-22 flex

Q: Can splints that are fabricated from GR-22 flex be autoclaved?
A: Yes! They can be autoclaved at 279° F / 137° C.