3D Pro Zir


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What is 3D PRO?
  • 3D Pro is a multi-gradient, layer-less pre-shaded dental zirconia.
What are the uses for 3D Pro?
  • Single units, bridges, inlays, veneers
What material is used in 3D Pro?
  • Refined TOSOH Zirconia, especially formulated for multi-gradient.
Does 3D Pro have any demarcation lines?
  • No! Unlike other “multi-layered” zirconia, 3D Pro has no demarcation. This is due to Aidite's proprietary manufacturing process.

How are the gradients defined within the milling discs? Gradients
Can the chroma and incisal levels be controlled?
  • Yes, by aligning your designs appropriately in the CAM software.

Is there an accurate color comparison guide for 3D Pro?
  • Yes! Aidite manufactures a shade guide that accurately matches the 3D Pro shades as it is manufactured from actual 3D pro zirconia. Other shade-guides are typically of composite material and therefore do not accurately transmit light for shade matching.

What type of preparation is recommended for 3D Pro?
  • A light to medium chamfer.
What is the recommended surface treatment for cementation?
  • Sandblasting with 50-micron White Aluminum Oxide at 2 Bars pressure.

What cement is recommended?
  • Hybrid nano-composite cement.

What disc sizes are available in 3D Pro?
  • 98 x 12 mm / 98 x 14 mm / 98 x 16 mm / 98 x 18 mm / 98 x 20 mm / 98 x 22 mm / 98 x 25 mm / 98 x 30 mm
Where does 3D Pro zirconia originate from?
  • 3D Pro zirconia is mined in Australia, particle sized and formulated at TOSOH in Japan, the discs are manufactured in China, and your orders are being fulfilled from Aidite's warehouse in California and Gro3X's warehouse in Charlotte, NC.

What are the main advantages of using 3D Pro?
  • Ease of use, since pre-shaded.
  • Perfect & consistent coloration to match shade guide.
  • Gradients with no demarcation. Perfect hue, value and chroma.
  • High incisal translucency.
  • Correct gingival opacity.
  • Less waste, faster milling times, more savings. This is because you can always use the best suited disc size for each case at hand. 


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