Shade Peg

Instructions For Use

  1. Choose the proper stump shade as prescribed by the dentist.

  2. Insert the Shade Peg paste into the interior surface of the restoration.

  3. Place the restoration on a firing peg.

  4. Dry Shade Peg paste under an open oven. Do not close the oven.

  5. Allow the restoration to cool.

  6. Apply stain & glaze to the restoration as necessary.

  7. Fire in ceramic oven.

  8. Remove firing peg and lightly sandblast the remainder of Shade Peg from

    the interior of the crown.



Important Information

  • Wear eye protection when using Shade Peg. Shade Peg contains inorganic refractory materials. If allowed to come into contact with skin or eyes these materials may become an irritant and need to be flushed with water. If irritant persists, see a doctor.

  • Avoid breathing Shade Peg after it has been allowed to dry. It is advised to wear protection when using Shade Peg to protect your respiratory system.