Aidite AMD-500DCs

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AMD-500DCs milling machine is a five-axis linkage automatic disc changing equipment. The equipment is matched with 8-disc changers, which can realize automatic disc changing for round-the-clock processing and production. With an intelligent fixture identification function, more trays can be added, and intelligent identification improves production efficiency Matching C-shaped fixtures, improves material utilization by 30%.


Aidite AMD-500DCs Highlights










  •  Air cooled 
  •  MAX:60000RPM 
  •  AC 500W 
  •  4mm closet



  •  Intelligent fixture recognition function
  •  Tool life management
  •  Working Status Indicator
  •  Safety door
  •  Ion wind cleaning function vertical processing


Processing type

Crowns, bridges, implant bridges, veneers, inlays, open crowns, temporary crowns, etc.


Detail Effect


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