CrownAI Design Credits

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CrownAI™ - Developed by Glidewell, Available Through Gro3X™.

For CrownAI™ you need an active CrownAI™ SUBSCRIPTION ($9.95/month) PLUS CrownAI™ design credits.

Each design credit gives you:

  • 1 x crown design STL-file.
  • 1 x margin STL-file.
  • 1 x upper & lower Vertex™ model STL-file.
  • 1 x transfer die STL-file.

Here is why CrownAI is Super Cool!

At the cost of $2.45 per crown-design you are not only getting a crown designed, but you are also getting your stl-files for print e.g. a Vertex-model or transfer-die!!!

It's EASY to get started with CrownAI™, You Need a:

  1. CrownAI™ Subscription for $9.95 per month.
  2. CrownAI™ Design Credits (1 x design credit = 1 x crown design)

Subscription Policy

  • An active CrownAI™ subscription is needed in order to purchase and use CrownAI™ design credits.
  • Each subscription covers as many workstations (PCs) in your lab as you need (UNLIMITED).
  • If you need more workstations (PCs), you can purchase additional subscriptions.
  • Credits are good for as long as there is an active subscription on your account.
  • Credits expire at the end of the next calendar month after which a subscription has been canceled.
  • Subscriptions can be canceled at any time.

Hardware Requirements

Hardware Requirements

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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