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exocad DentalCAD is one of the most powerful and comprehensive laboratory design softwares.


Elfsina at a glance!!!

DentalCAD Core Version
DentalCAD Core Version comes with the "core" CAD design modes (see below) as well as open tooth and material libraries. It can be further complemented with any available stand-alone modules.

DentalCAD Core Version

DentalCAD Ultimate Bundle
The Ultimate bundle contains the DentalCAD Core Version plus ALL CAD modules and one highly discounted price (compared to purchasing the included software modules individually).

Each Lab DentalCAD Ultimate bundle comes with FREE training for YOU + 1 guest (value $1,495).

The beauty of our 2-Days Hands-On courses is that you can take them either in-person at AA Dental Academy in Murrieta, CA or on-line from the comfort of your lab/home.

Click here for AA Dental Academy training calendar! 

Compare DentalCAD Core with Ultimate Lab Bundle

exocad bundles


There are two types of licenses available: Perpetual License and Flex License.

After the initial activation of a Perpetual license, it remains "active" for TWELVE (12) months. At the end of the 12-months term, you need to decide if you want to keep your license ACTIVE or PASSIVE ("dormant").

You have two options:

a) Purchase an Annual Upgrade Contract: 
By purchasing an Upgrade Contract you will keep your license ACTIVE, this means, that you will continue to be able to receive software updates, import tooth- or implant libraries, etc. 

b) Do Nothing:
If you do nothing, then your license will automatically go "dormant". This means that you can continue to use your license forever and it will never expire. However, it will remain exactly in the status that it was on the day before your first-year anniversary. You won't be able to add any more libraries and you won't be able to update to any newly released software versions.

Refresh Program:
If your Perpetual License is currently "dormant" (PASSIVE), then you can "refresh" your contract and therefore upgrade to the the latest software version and download libraries, etc. for a one-time refresh fee plus an annual upgrade amount. 


Pros Cons
- License does never expire - Higher initial investment (year 1).
- Lower annual upgrade fees - Dongle can't be replaced it lost or stolen.
- Annual upgrades can be skipped, and then joined again through Refresh Program. - if opted-out from annual upgrade, exocad does not offer technical support for licenses without upgrade contract.


2) FLEX LICENSE (annual subscription):
Flex Licenses are subscription-based with lower initial expense than the Perpetual License and higher annual renewal fee. Subscription means, that the software will deactivate if not renewed.

You have two options:

a) Purchase an Annual Renewal:
By purchasing an annual renewal contract, you keep your license ACTIVE, with all the benefits, e.g. software updates, import of libraries, etc.

b) Do Nothing:
If you do nothing, your license will expire and CAN'T be reactivated!!!

Pros Cons
- Cheaper to get started - more expensive after ~5 years
- Updates included. - license expires after one year if not renewed
- Can be replaced if dongle gets lost or stolen.




Break-Even between Perpetual and Flex license is in year 5.


Important Notes:

  • The Jaw Motion Import Module works only in combination with the Virtual Articulator Module. 
  • To design bars on implants, the Implant Module is required. 
  • The SmileCreator works only in combination with the TruSmile Module.




Download SmileCreator Brochure!


Implant Module



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