VITA Akzent LC Effect Stains

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VITA AKZENT LC is a light-curing stain and glaze system for extraoral characterization of all indirect restorations ("white" and "pink"made from composite, polymer and hybrid ceramic.

With VITA AKZENT LC composite stains, you can reproduce all the shade nuances of natural teeth and gingiva to give restorations their own distinct character, easily and effectively:

  • Use the brilliant effect shades to apply individual shade effects with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Use the chrome shades to easily create shade modifications at the stroke of a brush.


Use with Vita Classic and Vita 3D Master shade guides. 

Content: 2.5 ml 


Vita Akzent Stain Chart


Reference # Name Shade
B5155125 ES01 white
B5155225 ES02 cream
B5155325 ES03 lemon
B5155425 ES04 sun
B5155525 ES05 orange
B5155625 ES06 russet
B5155725 ES07 khaki
B5155825 ES08 pink
B5155925 ES09 dark-red
B5156025 ES10 purple
B5156125 ES11 blue
B5156225 ES12 grey-blue
B5156325 ES13 grey
B5156325 ES14 black


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