GR-14.2 denture HI

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printodent® GR-14.2 denture HI, is a “high-impact” 3D printing resin for the fabrication of denture bases.

Its outstanding chemical/physical properties and low viscosity allow for efficient printing processes and easy cleaning. It can be combined with printodent® GR-17.1 temporary lt, the first dental resin to have obtained dual FDA clearance for both long-term temporaries as well as for denture teetch.

This combination allows for low-cost, high-impact digital dentures.

GR-14.2 denture HI is also validated in combination with VITA VIONIC VIGO® and CANDULOR TCR * and NFC+.*

Full integration into exocad‘s CAD software completes the digital workflow for both materials.

* CANDULOR Bonartic® II NFC+, Bonartic® TCR, BonSelect TCR, Condyloform® II NFC+, PhysioSelect® TCR, PhysioSet® TCR 

GR-14.2 denture HI is approved by FDA and Health Canada.

Specifications GR-14.2

Used For: High-Impact digital denture bases
Validated For: ASIGA MAX, ASIGA Pro 4K, SprintRay Pro 95, etc CLICK FOR COMPLETE LIST!


Print Profiles for Asiga MAX & PRO 4K:


Instructions for SprintRay Pro 95:

GR-14.2 denture HI

Profile for SprintRay ProCure 1:

20min at 60°C  

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