MS1 Master Die Sealant

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Seals & protects.
Ultra Thin.
Dries in seconds.

Advanced Chemistry

As a direct rejection to thick overlay sealers on the market, the ultra-thin Sealant MS1 is absorbed right into the granular structure of the gypsum Die. Die strength is attained through capillary action. 


Seals and Protects

With MS1, the precious die is well protected and ready for die treatment.  At this point, it may also be scanned.  A chemical bond ensues with the Surefit die spacer for a robust coat that stays on long and stays on strong. 


New Liquid. New Bottle.

We believe that new virgin liquid must be applied with a new virgin bottle. That’s why we package a pre-labeled, brand new MS1 applicator brush/ bottle with every 8oz Refill for your enjoyment and work.  


All deliveries are carbon neutral
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