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 Biomic Stain & Glaze

A Stain/Glaze suitable for all types of ceramic restorations, like zirconia, glass ceramic, porcelain, etc., Universal coloration system for all restorations.

You Will Love It! Here's Why!

The coloration pastes of the Biomic Stain/Glaze are simple and user friendly. With the recommended schematics from Aidite, technicians can utilize the simple system to achieve ideal aesthetic results.

The composition of 2D paste color in Biomic Stain/Glaze completely mimics the colors of natural teeth, the 3D paste combination then creates the aesthetic effects. At the same time, 3D pastes can be used to adjust the tooth surface morphology, and slight contour distinctions.

Biomic firing chart


Glaze-F Is All You Need When You Want To Be Fast & Efficient


The Biomic Restoration



- Biomic Aesthetic Flowable Ceramics User Instructions
Biomic Gum Flowable Ceramics User Instructions

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