Harvest SureFit Die Spacer

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SureFit Die Spacer

Precision Flow.

Perfect die preparation serves as the foundation for precisely fitting restorations.  SureFit offers accurate cement space simulation in a best-in-class, thixotropic and scratch resistant varnish.


Feel & Flow.

The quick drying SureFit from Harvest offers masterful handling and control,  while smooth feel and flow guarantee accurate 12 microns layer thickness and a glass-like surface in vibrant colors. Each bottle contains 15 ml (1/2 fl oz)


- Accurate cement spacing.
- Excellent flow properties.
- Dries in seconds.


- Instructions for use
- SDS for Colored
- SDS for Sealer/Hardener
- SDS for Gold/Silver/Thinner

All deliveries are carbon neutral
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