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A high-performance techno-polymer matrix with multi-directional glass fiber reinforcement for permanent, esthetic restorations on implants. TriLor exhibits natural flex and load parameters, making it an ideal replacement for unforgiving metal and zirconia frameworks.

ATTENTION: TriLor is very hard to mill. It is not unusual to experience some bur-breakage.

Create lightweight and resilient frames and substructures for zirconia, lithium disilicate, acrylics and composites

  • Characteristics of natural bone.
  • Metal-free restorative solution.
  • Lightweight, durable and resilient.

Video-Tutorial for inLab MC X5 Users:

Milling Recommendations for inLab MC X5:


Video-Tutorial  Roland/DGSHAPE Users: 

Milling Recommendations for Roland/DGSHAPE Users:

  • Use Gro3X PMMA/TriLor burs.
  • Adjust Offset to 4-5 mm of space.
  • Select TriLor.
  • Reduce milling speed by 10-15% (when possible).
  • Preferably use CAM in Millbox 2020.



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