VITA Vionic Bond Kit

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Bonding solution for fixing digital denture teeth (e.g. printodent GR-17.1) in digital denture base (e.g. printodent GR-14.2 denture HI).

- is a MMA-based self-curing two-component bonding system
- has a low-viscosity consistency for precise application to the adhesive surface
- forms a reactive boundary layer on the adhesive surfaces for a secure bond

- efficient adhesive bonding of the denture teeth
- without complex hot / cold polymerization processes
- precise, seamless fixation of the teeth in the cavity
- using a low-viscosity, self-curing bonding system
- secure bond of denture teeth to the base

Contents of the VITA VIONIC BOND Kit
- VITA VIONIC BOND I, jar, 2 ml
- VITA VIONIC BOND II, vial, 1 ml
- Microbrush, 3 pcs.


- Instructions for use 


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