Gro3X's Climate & Sustainability Efforts

Gro3X partners with Shopify Sustainability Fund to remove shipping emissions through high-leverage projects and partners. Every time a customer places an order with Gro3X, Gro3X funds Shopify's Sustainability Fund to support entrepreneurs at the frontier of reversing climate change. 

We started the Gro3X climate control initiative in 2022, supporting the total removal of approx. 8,940 kg of carbon emissions. Experts estimate that a mature tree can absorb approx. 22 kg of CO2 per year. Based on this equation, our campaign may have helped neutralizing the equivalent of 406 mature trees annual absorption capacity.

Carbon Neutralization

Shopify Planet 

All this comes at no extra cost to our Gro3X customers. In fact, shipping for Gro3X customers is FREE.


Gro3X Is Partnering With Shopify Sustainability Fund

Gro3X Is Helping Entrepreneurial Farmers With Climate Sustainability Initiatives