exocad Support

Welcome to our Gro3X exocad support page.

Before Ordering Your exocad Software:

Please review the Hardware requirements for exocad software.


After Ordering Your exocad Software: 

  1. Please allow 3-5 business days for delivery.
  2. Download & install Google Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer that you confirmed as hardware compliant with exocad software and that you want to use for your exocad installation. 



Assets Below Are For After Our Call:

Each DentalCAD Ultimate bundle and exoplan Guide Creator software license comes with FREE training for YOU + 1 guest (value $1,495) at AA Dental Academy.




If you already have exocad, but would like to switch to Gro3X as your reseller, then please download the exocad NA Reseller Transfer form and initiate the transfer. 


Videos for Beginners

Getting started with exocad DentalCAD! We recommend to watch the following introduction videos first. After that, you can dive into the more advanced features documented in the exocad Wiki.

Introduction to Basic Features / Offset Coping Design

This video tutorial from exocad gives you an introduction to basic features of the software: Setting up a case, using the mouse to navigate in 3D space, margin line detection, creating a simple coping with fixed thickness, and using free-forming tools to optimize the shape.


Basic Features / Anatomic Coping with Cutback

This video tutorial from exocad shows you how to design a full contour crown, and use cutback to create a coping.


Designing a 3-Unit Bridge

This video tutorial from exocad shows you how to design a 3-unit bridge.

DentalDB Application

In this video tutorial, we demonstrate how to navigate and use all functions within the DentalDB application.

DentalCAD Application



This Quick Guide tutorial from exocad shows how to design a reduced crown with a milled brace support by using the telescopic crown restoration type and the "Shrink Telescope's Anatomy" feature.


DentalCAD Application


This video tutorial will show you how to quickly design a custom abutment.


Additional Resources:

1) Videos for Beginners
2) Introduction
3) Requirements
4) DentalDB Application

5) DentalCAD Application